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In general to qualify for Canada business immigration to Canada you must have:

1.300,000 CD$ ( 230,000 US$) in the net assets made by you in your business.
2. Three years of business experience of running a profitable business;
3.You must have social security number, If you are in USA or any other country without status, and
4. Once visa is issued to you, you will purchase, manage and employ one person in your business in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Business file number: ( Please write business file number from the previous page)/font>

Last First Middle
Business Telephone: Cell Number: Fax:
E-mail address
Your citizenship:

Do you have Permanent Residency or Citizenship of Canada? ?: yes: no:

If No,have you applied for Permanent residency of Canada ?: yes: no:

If yes, when you have applied for PR of Canada?
If No, When do you wish to apply for PR of Canada?
Have you ever been to Canada?
If yes, when?:
If yes, where?: If yes, How long did you stay?:
Purpose of visit:


Amount of Money you wish to invest?

I have the following assets: (show amount of value):
Bank Balance + Property+ Busienss assets+ Total assets

I have the following debts or legal obligations
Total Debts:

What is your How did you hear about our firm?:

How did you hear about our firm?:

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